[CTRL] [S] to save the environment

The people at Preem.se – the Swedish organization responsible for this advertisement – must think this is the way to promote environmental protection with a younger generation of people (nerds?), for whom the digital realm is their first nature.

Press [CTRL] [S] to save the environment. And when things go utterly wrong, you can always press [CTRL] [Z] to undo your actions. No?

See also: Fake XP grassGlobal Warming Ready Campaign, Image of Nature, Hurricane$ Approaching. Thanks Johan.

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  • Dear K.n. Can't you just steal it from the site like everyone else? ;) Well alright, here is a direct link to the nextnature pattern created by karl grandin: https://nextnature.net/research/wp-content/themes/next_nature/img/nn_bg.gif

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  • hey i cant find an address to email, is there a way i can get the wallpaper/background of logos?

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  • Of course, it's also an oil company rather than anything friendlier. Figures.

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  • If you ask me it is a clear case of biomimicmarketing: using images of nature to market a product.

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  • commercial livestock production = environmental protection?

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