Get wasted in Second life

Second Hype's fashion industry is large and catty enough to have supermodel divas and social scandals, so it's probably inevitable that these should be available, too: animation sets for supermodels who want to behave scandalously in public. On her fashionista blog, the eminently scrumptious Gorgeous Yongho has released a set of eight poses, each of them ideal for appearing in next week's gossip column: knock-kneed and passed out, struggling to get off the ground in stiletto heels, and, of course, paying tribute at the ceramic altar. With luck, a sequel will include animations for spilling champagne on the mayor of New York and throwing cell phones at the maid.

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  • I am doubting that also. The second life celebreties "need" this kind of attention and second life citizens "need" this kind of celebrity behaviour celebrities. But it's not so different from first life behaviour. Where would Paris Hilton be without her ex-boyfriends spreading their personal celebrities funniest home videos? As any unvisible celebrity is a dead celebrity and the oscars ceremony is just so boring, we want them to end up puking over the red carpet, getting knocked up by a hooligan or punch a journalist in the face. Celebrities are the hostages of entertainment industry.

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  • The funny thing here for me is that these pictures were produced with the coorperation of the model and it is a conscious design decision to get them out into the second life world. When we get to see such pictures of wasted supermodels in 'first life' , they are usually not deliberately produced by the model... ??..Or are they? I am starting to doubt that now

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