Call for Proposals: Babyphone - created by Koert van Mensvoort

Nowadays, children know more corporate logo's and brands than bird or tree species. The average Western person has more worries about the instability of financial markets and mortgage interest deductions than about hurricanes or floods.

We are living in a time in which the "made" and the "born" are fusing. Hypoallergenic cats are already on the market. Plants are used as sensors, information displays and chemical factories. Animals are being augmented and branded. Plastic surgeons sculpt flesh to match retouched photographs in glossy magazines. In response to donor organ shortages, researchers are working on a 3D organ printer. Real nature is not green. It is out of control. Our technological world has become so intricate and uncontrollable that it has become a nature of its own. Games have become jobs. Second life is not sustainable. Digital world metaphors boomerang into our physical environment. Wine making has become an information science. Everyday robots give massages and take care of the children. RFID chips open doors, they might be infected, but nonetheless are edible.

How should we relate to these developments? How will we design? How will we build? How do we relate to our environment? How can we create humane technology? We call upon designers, artists, visionaries, film makers and other creative people to submit their visions, statements and ideas on how we will live in next nature.

SUBMISSION IS NOW CLOSED (deadline was 10 March 2008)

We received an overwhelming amount of proposals and thank all submitters for their creativity and effort. The jury selected six submissions for presentation at BVPS NextNature 2008 on May 17th 2008 in Los Angeles.

Jury consisted of: Kali Nikitas (OTIS), Lev Manovich (UCSD), Louise Sandhous (CalArts), Tim Durfee (Sci-arc), Adam Eeuwens, Rebecca Mendez (UCLA), Henri Lucas (UCLA), Nik Hafermaas (Art Center), Philip van Allen (Art Center), Kevin Wingate (Art Center), Anne Burdick (Art Center), Peter Lunenfeld (Art Center).

The Biggest Visual Power Show on Next Nature is a project by All Media, Art Center College of Design, TU/e Industrial Design and Sandberg Institute.

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  • Thanks Chris. We are calling young people for proposals.. some are very young.

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  • Holy cow thats really good special FX if you ask me.

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