walking energy generator

Let's face it: every time your cellphone battery runs empty you feel amputated and you quickly run back to your house to connect to a powering-adapter. Bionic Power Inc. is now developing a knee-brace that can be used to charge small devices; the 5-watt electricity output from one knee generator is enough to power 10 cellphones at once.

via NewScientistTech.com, Related: Walking Energy Cells

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    Crappy, yes. It looks like they've just invented the pacemaker. And in order to be worn, it must be nihilised and sexified first. But this device makes me wonder: if the knee can be used to harvest biomechanical energy, what of the shoes or the arms? And what about sitting after one gets tired? I can imagine a bench in the park that could generate energy when people sit down on it... and perhaps a whole range of clothes taking care of powering devices we carry with us. By the way – the article at http://NewsScientistTech.com links to another project (the bouncy backpack) capable of generating power from walking (it looks crappy too) :)

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  • When I first saw it I thought it was a crap product, since I am glad that I just got rid of the dynamo on my bike and I surely don't want to make walking more difficult in order to power my cellphone! But while watching the movie I learned the researchers had already though of this and generate the energy during the braking phase of a walk. It uses the energy your body wastes! How is that for being 'green' ?

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