Avatarian Graveyard supplies a service for virtual addicts – people who excessively or compulsively spend time in virtual environments – to help them reintegrate into everyday society.

Avatars, digital identities, alter egos and other digital shadows of their psyche can be uploaded to the Avatarian Graveyard. Once this upload is completed a compound within ignites, causing an internal burnout of the compound material and thus also destroying the circuits that hold the virtual identities. All is lost and to provide a way of coming to terms with this loss and thus helping the grieving process it is possible to scatter the ashes and use the Avatarian Graveyard as urn to place somewhere meaningful as a reminder of ones past or as the coffin shape suggests, one can also burry the object.

Avatarian Graveyard

The service, proposed by designer Ivo de Boer, should help them to come to turns with their addiction and confronts hem at the same time with their past.



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  • So it's a USB stick that self destructs and had incense?

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  • Alternatively, since 2006 you can opt to create a physical memory of your Avatar http://www.fabjectory.com/

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