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Did you have your Out of Body Experience today?

We knew already that our nature is merely how we perceive it, but now scientists from the Ecole Polytechnique Federale in Lausanne have proven it. By creating a shift between our body as we feel it and as we see it, it is possible to alter our imagined perception of the Self.

I would say that the consequences of this little experiment are huge. In abstract terms, it means that the image of the Self is - or at least can be - a mediated one. The mythological Narcissus watched his own image reflected in the water. He could project himself into what he saw and fell in love. But he was in love with just an image. Now, we can fall in love with our phisical selves again. We can even ask our Self to scratch our backs. I'm scratching my head—

Watch the video on Youtube. See also Metaverse Roadmap, Avatar Machine, Playing Dreams.

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  • Wonderful research. I would definitely categorize this post in 'culture becomes nature'. Of course it is also a cultivation of nature, but the most important underlying insight is the realization that new media creates new perceptual spaces not covered by traditional psychology. Although the psychology of perception and action has a vast literature, the advent of computers has created new challenges and opportunities. With computers, humans are no longer exposed to the physical world governed by the laws of physics, but to a synthetic world whose laws can be programmed at will. Our experience of space and time is mutated by new media.

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