NAT Designing Nature expo

NAT, designing nature is about the interface where nature and culture, biology and design intertwine. An exhibition that is a cross between an exotic Garden of Eden and an illegal growshop, a home hothouse, and a biotech laboratory. The exhibition can be visited until 11 November 2007. Check out the video.

Along with the expo, Koert van Mensvoort wrote the essay 'Natuur 2.0', which describes our changing relation with Nature in 21st century and can be bought at the exhibition for 2 Euro. Furthermore, this Friday November 9th 13:00, there will also be a symposium under the title 'Ontwerper zoekt Boer' (designer seeks farmer) , including short video reports of designers & farmers tackling problems together and a debate between Koert van Mensvoort, Henry J. Alles and Bram Bos.

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