Tomb Raider, featuring superwoman Lara Croft, was one of the most successful video games of its generation. Although many computer games had previously been created as spin-offs of Hollywood blockbusters, Tomb Raider was the first game to be taken as inspiration for a movie. The studio had to find an actress who resembled a 3D game character made of polygons. Luckily, Angelina Jolie turned out to be perfect for the role.

From our Fake for Real series.

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  • You are right Blake, but as you already said: Super mario borthers - the movie sucked, so that doesn't count as a serious effort from the movie industry to create a movie from a game.

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  • um, super mario brothers the movie. It sucked but it did come out about 15 years before tomb raider

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  • yea and now they're rendering Angelina Jolie into 3D for Beowulf

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