bonsai table - by Anke Weiss

Somehow next nature seems to reveal itself through furniture. Earlier we've featured the treetrunk bench, the bone chair, the folding chair, sketch furniture and how to grow a chair.

While the masses are still satisfied with a table made of some old oak or a tree from the rain forest, some people just want something more refined. Especially for those style freaks; here is a table created out of 150 bonsai trees. All trees are hand-cut and assembled by wood-on-wood connections. Only the finest cultivated wood is used in this table created by Amsterdam based designer Anke Weiss.

The work is the result of Weiss' research on "network"-structures which can be found in every scale. Either by looking in as far as possible (cells, molecules, etc.), by looking on the natural human scale veins, lungs, trees, riverbeds, maps etc.), or by looking as far out as possible (solar system, galaxies), even representations of the virtual world (the internet) resemble this structure.

"Bonsai Structure #2" is a constructed grown structure resembling the designers idea of a general aesthetic that should evoke a feeling of recognition and beauty. Bonsai tree table

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  • Don't forget Patrick Jouin and his sollid collection from 2004.

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  • I wonder how this idea would work for architectural and car design !

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