Emuu a social robot by Christoph Bartneck

Smile! We are your friends. Robots will play an important role in our future society. We need to ensure that robots are socially compatible with us in order for society to accept them. Some examples of social robots are: Emuu (pictured above), Kismet and Leonardo.

Source: Social Robots Wikki | Related post: Child care Robot, Everyday Robots

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  • Anthropomorphobia is the fear of acknowledging in nonhumans qualities we wish to consider only human. Anthropomorphism is the attribution of human characteristics and qualities to non-human beings, objects, natural, or supernatural phenomena. With the development of androids and robots that mimic human behavior, the concept of anthropomorphobia has been adapted to include nonliving stimuli. Anthropomorphobics report flashes of anxiety when recalling anthropomorphic stimuli, and generalized anxiety about their response to future anthropomorphic stimuli if they go to places where this stimulus might occur, such as theme parks or children's museums. Anthropomorphobics will be terrified by these robots.

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