a purse that visually keeps track of valuable items such as keys, wallets, personal identification cards, & cellular phones through various sensors embedded in the bag. if something is missing, an iconographic pattern associated with that item 'lights up' on the outside of the bag.

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  • Absolutely loving the RFID ladybag, for all us ladies that spend valuable moments looking for our keys and phones, this would prove really helpful. Customizing the heart with other designs seems easy enough, from favourite quotes to timetables handy to remember while travelling.

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  • =A=

    Three years ago - I think it was in Vancouver (AIGA-conference)-, I saw a presentation of this bag. It was presented to be developped into a shopping-bag. When you put in something that doesn't belong there (because you have a diet to follow or just because a certain item is not on your list) the light would turn red. The entering of right or healthy products would result in green light (pavlovs reward). Of course this is not a product for free-market-economy consumers, so I guess the application has shifted to 'locating ones stuff'. What's with the heart? Saying 'I LOVE YOU' with a bag? Come on! I'll have one that says 'NO BOMB INSIDE'.

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