ALLERCA has produced the world's first scientifically-proven hypoallergenic cats. These cats allow some of the millions of people with feline allergies to finally enjoy the love and companionship of a household pet without suffering from allergic symptoms.

The cat allergen is a potent protein secreted by the cat's skin and salivary glands. ALLERCA has focused on naturally occurring genetic divergences (GD) already present in cats that do no harm to the cats in any way. The resulting ALLERCA GD hypoallergenic cats will now improve the health and quality of life for millions of cat-allergy sufferers.

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  • do you know how many thousands of cats were probably tested on, dissected, injected, skinned, shaved, TORTURED, so that these cats could be "produced"? this is terrible. i can see the fear in these cats' eyes just from a photograph. this world we live in is unbelievable; animals are produced like plants. we perform unspeakable crimes against our companions that are different from us only in their communication skills. they can feel and think too! but when an animal reacts, when an animal dares to feel, it is put down as "rogue". i hate these stupid scientists. take some fuckin medication for your allergies, people, or dont have a goddamn cat. if someone really loved an animal that much, that they couldnt LIVE without one, they wouldnt go to these measures just to have a pet to love. because in the process, many similar, possibly identical cats were tested on, and they suffered. and if you're going to leave a reactionary comment, dont be a dumbass. i see a lot of irreverent, ignorant comments because people think theyre funny. im not going to see your dumb joke, im not coming back to this website, so just shut up. you know who you are. and if youre going to give me kudos, you can hold back on that too, because again, im not coming back here.

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