So, you are well aware that biotech will drive our evolution, you took the crash course on synthetic genomics, you've got your map of the DNA world in your backpack and are now eager to redesign some microbes that turn waste into energy, eat plastic, detect flu, or build a better being altogether? You have a brilliant project plan already, but only need some – let say– euro 25.000 and a bit of help from a genomic center to turn your vision into reality? We have cake for you.

The Designers & Artists 4 Genomics Award (DA4GA) aims to explore the hybrid practice between design, art and genomics on contemporary society. If you are graduated no longer than five years ago you are eligible to submit a project plan and take a chance on winning a euro 25.000,- to realize you project in collaboration with one of the participating Genomic centers.

If we are going to mutate the made & the born, let us at least do this creatively. The application deadline is September 8th 2010.

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  • (via nettime mailingslist:) Designers & Artists 4 Genomics Award: CALL DEADLINE EXTENDED: September 20th 2010, 18h DA4GA, an initiative of the Netherlands Genomics Initiative, the Centre for Society and Genomics and Waag Society, has received inspiring proposals for its bio art/design award, and is curious to know what more you have in store for us. We are extending the deadline till September 20th, and have loosened eligibility criteria. Be part of it! Send in your ideas NOW! Info and entry forms:

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  • How odd this part is only communicated at the bottom of the entrance form. Perhaps the organization doesn't want to spend budget on tickets and they already want you to be living near one of the participating genomic centers which are all based in the Netherlands? I can't think of another reason. Note that you don't have to be Dutch; you have to reside within Dutch borders. Understandable as the contest is not a residency program, but a pity nonetheless as it will certainly lower the bar of the submissions.

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  • Stupid criterea. You should try to enter anyway helge. Boundaries are only a virtuality we inherited from past doctrines! Convince them of a world where ideas are king.

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  • well, yes, a nice competition it seems. unfortunately you have to be a DUTCH resident to enter.

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