They say “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”, but now we wonder what this keeps away, the Grapple, a hyperfruit that "Grunches like an Apple. Tastes like a Grape."

The manufacturers of the hyperfruit cheerfully present their product as the missing link between candy and traditional fruits that – according to them – could even be an answer to unhealthy eating habits:

"With childhood obesity increasing at alarming rates, Gr?pple® brand apples could go a long way to improving the eating habits of children and introducing them to more produce."

The Grapple is made by adding flavorings to a regular Washington Extra Fancy Fuji Apple, the process uses some “complex” infusion technique and adds no additional sugars or calories.

Grapples are not genetically altered in any way, which might give parents some comfort, although we should actually be disappointed that the Grapple is merely a processed apple, rather than a bred fruit, as this means that the production of every single Grapple requires additional energy and resources – then again, the same is true for traditional sugar candy.

Anyhow, parents will be in trouble when their kids ask to show them the "Grapple tree".

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  • I was actually foolish enough to buy a four-pack of these a few years ago. They're not infused with any special flavors. They're mediocre quality apples with some grape flavoring sprayed on them to make them smell different. Once you start eating them the grape flavor is completely washed out by the apple. In fact, your hands will smell more like grapes than the apples do after a bit of light handling (don't even think about washing the fruit before you eat it.) These are a great ploy to charge a lot for apples. Brilliant business. Lousy food.

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