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Confused with the pile of remote controls in your house? Now here is an idea: get a robot to control them. Researchers at Toshiba have developed a talking robot, named ApriPoko, that can learn how to operate various remote controls by watching and asking questions.

When its sensors detect infrared rays emitted by a remote, the robot speaks up: “What did you just do?” it asks. Tell ApriPoko what you did (”I turned on the stereo” or “I changed to channel 321,” for example), and it commits the details to memory. Then, next time you want to turn on the stereo or change the channel, simply tell ApriPoko and it transmits the appropriate IR signal directly to the device. The prototype robot is still in the development and testing phase, but the researchers hope to have a viable product soon. Toshiba refused to comment on whether the their robot possesses the ability to kill.

Source: Asahi (Japanese), via Pinktentacle. See also: One RC to rule them all.

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  • xxx

    ebenizi hep ingilizce bu nelan

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  • yeah, would be weird to see multiple ApriPokos fighting for the remote-control-control.. and then soon Toshiba will have to market an "Uber" ApriPokos that controls all the robots that control remotes.

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  • All robots possess the ability to kill.

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  • =A=

    I am curious what would happen if there are two (or more) ApriPokos in the house? Which one gets to control the device controller? :) In that case I think the question whether ApriPokos possess the ability to kill, is very legitimate!

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