Now here's a nice piece of dead old nature I would like to stick in my computer! Notice the beautiful micro-organism-patterns.

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    The reason why I didn't mention this "gadget" together with the–post yesterday, is that there is no biomimicking involved here. The Universal Serial Bus–device was called after the wooden stick because... well probably the inventors couldn't think of a better metaphor. (They could have called it a USB–plug or USB–finger if you will...) And now the boomeranged the metaphor right back to that device by using the original material. We can all see that "the joke" is a bit childish, but does it matter when it results in these nice, ridiculous pieces of art?

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  • My mistake, didn't noticed this has been talked about in a previous post (-:

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  • Not entirely related, but still interesting on the subject of how we interpret/interact with nature:

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