Cory Arcangel hacked and modified a piece of hardware'the cartridge on which the game "Super Mario" is stored, or rather, was stored to produce "Super Mario Cloud" This is because, by disconnecting some contacts on the circuit board and putting in a chip for which Arcangel wrote his own program, superhero Super Mario disappears, together with all the obstacles over which he has to jump. Only a few comical, white clouds remain in a blue sky. Arcangel took away all the narrative elements of the game and everything that made it dynamic.

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  • "Shall I compare thee to a user interface? Thou art more lovely and more temperate"

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  • I don't write poetry, but I do copy/paste it.

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  • Wow Koert, I didn't realise that you wrote poetry…

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  • Blue skies Smiling at me Nothing but blue skies Do I see Bluebirds Singing a song Nothing but bluebirds All day long Blue days All of them gone Nothing but blue skies From now on

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